5-MethOxy-Dimethyl-Tryptamine Trip Reports:

The Diary of the Mystery Man

Lost the other stuff due to technical difficulties. The "Mystery Man" smoked some 5 meo before and smokes more now (lower doses). he described waves in the darkness, Karma and reality intersecting  space and time. the universal tide on the objects just flows. it rushes into and flows out of it, the universe takes the energy back. the universe in total oscillation with matter. creation energy and form. the energy ever moves, the form represnts the rigidity, the stability of the object. objects seem at weird angles, like viewing them from a different dimension outside of time. all his boundaries dissolve. he flows into his couch. he sees the energy behind things. things still look normal but he sees the waves and patterns of the Universe. walking feels like flying in a dream. the body feels kind of distant. He wonders if this feels like what it feels like to not have a body anymore. he can almost let go of the feeling of having a body, like just floating and moving around. every step changes his dimension, one more right-brain and one more left-brain. maybe our frequencies represent an oscillation between left and right hemisphere. the things they agree upon become our reality. like two processors on a computer the output represents our conscious. Consciousness blocks out the superfluous information, yet it still exists. On psychedelics at the right frequency the consciousness can perceive it all and interpret all levels including the subconscious.

Chocolate as an MAO Inhibitor

Chocolate is most likely the cause for the following. Peak 1. 5 hours; Aditional after effects 3. 5 hours.

"Can't talk, having religious experience" Staring at the moon's reflection in a pool tree of life a reflection of the light the real moon takes on luminosity - the Pure White Light see the relation between the light and its reflection a view into a higher world. 5 MEO really likes water!  and the moon. water/moon/astral.

The Mystery Man drank some chocolate (large amount cocoa) and said it made the trip enjoyable. Highly Recommended, possibly because Cocoa has MAO inhibitive properties. it makes 5MEO feel more like mushrooms, more like a trip kind of trip, much more visuals and fluidity. more alive. more manageable. he hasn't felt like this except on very high doses of mushrooms. the chocolate has something to do with it. ten minutes felt like a few seconds. Ultra-fucking clean, even cleaner than ALD52 on a good day. natural...indigenous...a part of you. the perfect state of existence. airy. light. but intense. clear. all the audio sounds phased. standard hallucination things but so clear. color and reflections alive. a period of time passes allowing chocloate digest.......

He just smoked more on top of some high-quality herb. Definately feels a sort of MAOI effect. "Processing (5 minutes) stand by...""creation = correct phase, harmonics. accelerated heart rate and breathing. absolutely incredible visuals, undescribable. expansion and contraction at the same time." The releasing of 5MEO clicks the amygdala forward. "The mechanics of the fucking universe. Oh my G_d!" he just said that he undergoes one of the most intense experiences of his life right now. experiencing the universe in all forms. melting and shaping, the waves of creation and tide of the universe flowing through his entire being. tugging one way and another, and in tune with it. like a snake slithering. (Kundalini) a burst of static on the phone phased with the universe. very evolved, a religious experience. "I will never be the same...." more processing... It just keeps getting more and more intense. the moon pulsates. "Oh G_d dear hold on." the moon has transformed into something else. the G_d particle. the etherial blue glow rapped around it like fields that........................... the absolute subatomic truth. he sees it frozen in time and can understand it. it relates to the Breath of Life. transforming into the brain. firing patterns of the perfect full brain in use. clouds - a light - like an egg floating in the mists of reality, born into the brain. exploding like a nuclear explosion. a thousand Earths created and destroyed again and again and again. the whole cycle of life. the self pulled and tugged with the universe. colors just radiate into reality into the dark veil surrounding it. he caused something to happen with his consciousness. while looking at the pool he couldn't see the invisible clear water. focusing on the water, he thought bring the water up to a point where it would break the surface and ripple. just then the spout of the pool sweeper broke the surface and caused it, like he caused that to happen. everything we do we go for the effect. we get lost in the cause. if we could follow the effect through, follow through every action and see its direct effect over time, we could get the feedback we would need to plot our Karma to figure out what we needed to do to evolve. we do so much in a day we get confused. the energy - frequency cycling through - has to do with the Karma we deal with. to increase the frequency we must evolve past the particular Karma. the wind blows the water making the moon reflect like a strobe. he sees the universe emanating and reflecting back. Experiencing this and just reading and thinking about it seem very different yet both true. the linguistic expression just expresses the 3-d view, but he can see time. he can see through time and that presents the problem explaining it.living in an extended moment that melts in the future and past equally. past and future intersect to form the now. he felt naked and exposed to the emanating source. a totally natural endogenous feeling. like stepping before G_d and recharging your batteries. Higher reality seems like riding a wave, normal reality like letting the wave pull you. "Yeah... We're talking about Brain Magic." - Art Bell revelatory. the syllables phased in and out of time and that made the word nearly impossible to say. about an hour later he still sees good trails. he had a true 5MEO experience. he smoked some pot with a tiny bit of 5MEO and some ate some chocolate. more processing. Psychedelics can lead us into a type one civilization.

an hour and a half had passed.


The Mystery Man goes deeper and speaks:

I lay there...... in a fetal position, drooling on myself and twitching.  I traversed the silver cord.... my breathing is hard, but my body so far away. I was no longer in the physical world.  I had exploded... let go.... into another world.

I lay there drooling.  I had been standing.  A blast of Energy from the Source forced me to the ground.  like being blasted with a firehose. Forcing me down.  naturally, I took on the fetal position.  But now, everything has dissolved into something indescribable.  This is definitely something "alien."  I fully understand Terences references to "aliens" being "so alien."

I know that if someone walked in they would dial 911.  I wondered too, at the beginning, if I were not going to die.  Death by astonishment....  another Terence reference.  I would not have been able to interact with anybody at this point.  For about 10 minutes I was there;  drooling and twitching.

This wan an undeniable frontal lobe/8th circuit experience.  Not for the faint of heart.  That other world, so interesting.  So geometrical in a strange way.  The motif of the pyramid/triangle was prominent.  I have such a different understanding of that geometrical figure.  I am very glad I really got into geometry in school.  I loved that class, and the experience used that information.  It made it mean so much more to me.

As I was returning I realized I was in a fetal position.  Like a fetus. Then as I returned more, that I was drooling like a babe.  As I regained consciousness, I noted that this was very much like re-experiencing birth. I have been truly born again.

This experience was so incredible that I am still very much integrating it. I have not reached total understanding of this yet.  I am quickly processing it, but this was so intense that it will take longer.

That experience from the Diary of the Mystery Man:

21:25 smoked some, he imediately said it felt really intense and had to go for ten minutes. 21:35 calling him back now. he said it felt like about a minute past. he sees awesome trails. one of the best shows he's ever seen in his life. he built a fire. the trails seem like a combination of Serian Rue and mushroom trails. the Cocoa had an affect but the caffeine increased his heartrate so he got a little cocoa buzz on first. phasing in and out of reality. "Rule #7 Remember how to burp." "if you're looking something up in alphabetical order.....where does 5 go?" Tribes use a kind of plant which contains 5MEO DMT. If someone knewthe had to die, or definately might and knew it they would want to go out tripping. "Wouldn't you do that snuff?" "yeah...maybe.." "no?" "well snuffs...kind of hurt." "Yeah but it has warnings......"

Map tryptamines to kinds of experiences. then they would become scientifically legitimate since they would become measurable

21:54 smoking more. processing stand by........... absolutely amazing. everything melts into the same wave-source. everything explodes from the Source. Oh my G_d!...hold on...... 21:57 eating chocolate donuts.. bitchin' trails. he watches the Dumbening simpsons episode. his body wants Cocoa though. still getting more and more intense. more incredible trails with wild colors emanating from the source. more processing. seeing them reflected off everything into his eyes. everything we see - that exists - reflrects from the Source. will call him back in ten minutes. 22:14 called him back. Chocolate extends the peak but when coming down after the peak it feels like coming down to an ultra-white-light-clear mushroom trip. At higher altitudes one's heart-rate speeds up as does their breathing. he just brought some water in to have the presence of water around.

22:21 just cleared out his bowl from earlier and will soon do a silent darkness trip with a good dose. definite tryptamine rush... our reality as a reflection, the physical world as a reflection of the spiritual world. an energy current flowing off objects. like a white light. he feels like about 6G's right now from the energy radiating from the Source, pushing it to the ground. The physical being seems no different from the physical matter around it. He understands the Breath of Life but can't explain it, because he resides in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere and will have to breathe more. the most peaceful death seems to just stop breathing in one's sleep. a select doorway. Pot and 5MEO go together well, they flow into each other. tobacco really grounds.

23:22 he smoked now and some before. he almost lost consciousness it took him into another world for a while. so intense. matter has become alive, no solidity in every object, everything seems fluid. form means nothing, reality just represents an illusion - a reflection. he can see the energy pulsing from everything - its own frequencies that make the wood the wood....... seeing through the material world. he understands trails. looking from something outside of time, seeing the past and the future, processing it as trails - an extended moment. like astronomers seeing stars thousands of years old. the breath of life represents a merging of intuition, the moment expands forwards. it takes time for the chemicals in the brain to break down. the consciousness raiser in the pyramid. like a triangle - the base = the life. the point = the current moment. bisecting the base = now. psychedelics take away that line and one experiences the whole triangle? the transcriber has become a little confused. It Makes the moment not as fleeting. the seventh circuit = the base line. eighth = the apex. non-local.

it puts a noticeable pattern to creating each moment. one sees it from a higher view creating it into the past and future. 5MEO and DMT in general seems to activate the Quantum circuit very consistantly. he smoked some pot at 23:50 and that started something. we've just talked and stuff. that bisecting line = the center pillar of the Tree, each moment has the Divine pattern. the unvierse recreates itself. refering to Terence's idea of psychedelics getting one into the wiring under the board, "I'd say it gets one to the source of the energy before it gets to the board." it lets one see the Gestalts of the universe. Terence's time-wave just represents one pattern taken to its extreme. afterwords: the 5MEO took him to the ground, he ended up drooling and twitching. he felt reborn.


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