Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin - (C12H17N2O4P)

Onset (when chewed and held in mouth) : 10 minutes
Onset (when swallowed) : 30 - 45 minutes
Duration : 2 - 6 hours
Normal After Effects : up to 8 hours

Mushroom Species Potency, Chemistry & LD50


Psilocybin is the major psychoactive agent in psilocybian mushrooms. The main difference between psilocybin and psilocin is their relative stabilities...psilocin is much more easily oxidized, so deteriorates much more quickly than psilocybin. The following chart shows oral dosages of psilocybin in mg.

Threshold 2 mg
Light 2 - 4 mg
Medium 4 - 8 mg
Strong 8 - 20 mg
Heavy 20 + mg
LD? (Lethal Dose*) 250 mg/kg or ~17 g

Onset (when held in mouth) : 15 minutes
Duration : 2 - 6 hours
Normal After Effects : up to 8 hours

* LD? = The dose at which some mice died in the experiment. [Leo Hollister at Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, 1961]


Psychedelics Encyclopedia, by Peter Stafford
Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World, Paul Stamets


5 Grams Psilocybe Cubensis in Silent Darkness.

There is a tingle in your extremities. Soon your skin feels alive. Disturbances in the darkness, and vortexes swirl. Colors begin to take over and string across the universe. Streamers of matter in a void of eternity. "Am I going to die?" The forms shift, change and the visions begin. The voice soon comes. Inside the head, but coming from afar. The magic of the mushroom is working on your heart. Either drifting to Heaven, or a glimpse of Hades. The visions persist and the and the Universe's "Point" is made. Slowly they fade into the dark. Feet firm on the ground, but the mind swimming round. Take a deep breath, and the integration begins.  

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 WARNING: Do not use any substance if there is a history or the potential of mental or physical illness unless it has been shown to improve your condition or attitude. Do not use substances if you are on psychotropic pharmaceuticals or other types of drugs until you have researched possible interactions.

NEVER eat ANY Mushroom, unless you are absolutely certain it is the one you want. VERIFY its identification with an expert Mycologist. This is not a recreational experience. The Shamanistic "DEATH (and REBIRTH) EXPERIENCE" is called that because that is what it is. Always have a few friends as monitors there to assure you that you are not dying. RESEARCH this before experimenting. Plan a full day for your experience. This is not a scheduled substance. Responsible and careful use will keep it that way.



This page is not advocating the use of any particular substance. Chemical use should be an individual decision made after much research and thought. To deny people the ability to explore their religion and take their sacraments is horrible. For this reason, an honest source of information is required. There are many dangers in all things in life and this is not any different. This information is provided as a public service to educate. It is built on experience, research and submissions.