MDA: Methylendioxyamphetamine

MDA is very closely related to MDMA (methylendimethoxyamphetamine), a powerful drug sold on the street as Ecstasy. MDA is very strong and produces an amphetamine rush and empathy, love, MDMA (a.k.a. ecstasy). MDA is Schedule I - extremely illegal. The root of the plant Sassafras albidum contains safrole, which converts naturally, in the liver, into MDA. Sassafras - old time root beer!  It is no longer available as food or drink. The root of this plant is sold, as well as fresh root essential oil (which should be potent).

SASSAFRAS -- _Sassafras officinale albidum._ Family Laureaceae (Laurel family). Material: Aromatic root-bark of North American tree. Usage: Brewed as tea (1 oz./1 pt. water). Oil fraction extracted in alcohol or distilled. Safrole is not water-soluble. Starting dose 100-200 mg of extracted and dried oil. Active Constituents: Safrole (non-amine precursor of MDA [3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine]). Effects: Tea in large doses acts as stimulant and induces perspiration. Safrole (MDA) stimulant, hallucinogen; aphrodisiac in large doses, euphoriant in small doses. Contraindications: Safrole is toxic to liver (avoid repeated use). Increases incidence of tumors in laboratory animals. Excessive doses may cause vomiting, shock, aphasia, and death by central paralysis of respiration. Normal use as tea is safe. Supplier: Fresh root wild, eastern USA, collected in early spring or autumn. Dried root, MGH; young trees, RCS.

WARNING: On 9-12-98 three individuals took 1 Tablespoon on Sassafras Essence Oil and two became sick within 20 minutes. Vomiting, and a tired "really crappy" feeling was expirienced for 4-5 hours, although they did report triping, just the sickness overpowered the trip most of the time. The third individual was fine, expirienced a mild euphoric amphetamine high for about 5-6 hours, upon the onset of the vomiting. It lasted for several hours, but the "trip" was intense and sense of "place in time" was completely lost. They all decided not to take the oil form again.

The internal use of the Oil can be fatal.

. Suggested is the "extraction/drying" of the oil into the crystalized form. There will be more to come.

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Warning: The internal use of the Oil can be fatal.


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