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Why use entheogens?

For the same reason there is Alchemy.  The same reason we have gods.  They raise us above our attachments and remove our emotional bounds to show us a different point of view.  They teach of higher worlds, and give us a glimpse of our own from a higher point of view. They cause us to understand our motivations and to circumscribe our desires. They motivate us to create holy (great) monuments, inspire teachings of greatness, and have led to our present development.  The question is not why entheogens, but why refuse?


Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide: The Invisible Killer

A Few Good Rules Before You Trip:

1) Cars can hurt you.
2) You cannot fly.
3) It's never a good time to die.
4) Taking your clothes off will draw attention.
5) Keep your mouth shut at all times while in public.
6) Although you may see things that are not there, you won't NOT see things that aren't there.
7) Don't forget how to burp.
8) Only carry: a house-key, some loose change, and your address in your shoe.
9) Nobody can tell that you are tripping till you tell them "I'm tripping".
10) No matter how fucked-up you think you are, you'll eventually come down.

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Entheogens: "Chemical" Sacraments

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Required Reading:  The Mad Hatter's Philosophy

United States Drug Control Act: Schedualed Substance Laws

The Bad:  Warnings, Cautions, & Stuff That Goes Wrong

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WARNING: Do not use any substance if there is a history or the potential of mental or physical illness unless it has been shown to improve your condition or attitude. Do not use substances if you are on psychotropic pharmaceuticals or other types of drugs until you have researched possible interactions.


This page is not advocating the use of any particular substance. Chemical use should be an individual decision made after much research and thought. To deny people the ability to explore their religion and take their sacraments is horrible. For this reason, an honest source of information is required. There are many dangers in all things in life and this is not any different. This information is provided as a public service to educate. It is built on experience, research and submissions.


Driving under the influence of ANY substance is highly discouraged. When YOU do this YOU take others lives into your hands and YOU DO NOT have the right to do that. Do what you will to yourself. The lack of responsible use of drugs is one of the reasons they are illegal. REMEMBER THAT THESE PLANTS ARE SACRAMENTS, SO TREAT THEM THAT WAY, and they will treat you with respect and love in return. Listen with a clean mind and a heart seeking knowledge and the plants will bless you in ways that you CANNOT imagine. Plant consciousness is a self ruling consciousness, and therefore demands responsibility. Freedom requires responsibility; it demands it. When the people are not responsible for themselves, the government (State) steps in and does it for them, and so restricts everybodies way of life and personal beliefs.