Blue Lilly of the Nile: The Narcotic Lilly

Species name Nyphaea caerulea (also known as the Blue Lotus of the Nile).  It contains an anti-spasmotic called Nuciferin, and likely contains aporphine (NOT Apomorphine as earlier suggested). Dosage: Probably about 3-5 flowers, or about 5g. Method: Eat (put in capsuls; takes longer) or make "Tea (use about 20-25oz of water to get maximum content)." Effects: The history of this species says that is appears to be a hypnotic sedative (sort of like the Cannabis of ancient Egypt).  Everything I've come across seems to refute the idea of this being MDMA-like, except the TV Production (Sacred Weeds program, and an ignorant program at that).  No one seems to know much about this plant! It is much like Cannabis, codeine or propoxyphene; maybe a little hallucinatory (at higher doses)- but mainly hypnotic like Cannabis/opiods. More to come...

Actually, it is a pretty good sedative with a mild, opiod like feeling (the 5g tea).

A literature search will very quickly show that W. A. Emboden has been writing about this narcotic plant and its relation to ancient Egypt, in several journals since at least 1978. Emboden, W. A. (1978) The sacred narcotic lily of the Nile: Nymphaea caerulea. Econ Bot 32(4):395-407

Nuciferine, the drug, is known as an antispasmodic and a common constituent of plants in the Nymphaea genus. A Medline search will demonstrate this.

Species Available (note: strengths may differ):

The Blue Lotus of the Nile ( Lotus = Lilly?)  -Nymphaea Caerulea

The White Water Lilly    -Nymphaea Odorata

The Siberian Red WaterLilly   -Nymphaea alba var. roseas

The Yellow Pond Lilly  -Nuphar Luteum (?)

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