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MM: The Mystery Man


GW: The Grand Wazoo

The Diary of The Grand Wazoo:

The Mystery Man came over, and he figit `round a bit.......

.....with the Oil of Aphrodite, and the Dust of the Grand Wazoo

5.14.6 12 Cimi, 19 Mac, 13 Manik. (1998Dec21)

GW Just dropped a little after 23:00. It felt better to dose tomorrow but the Mystery Man will tonight so......... 23:37 Starting to feel it, some waves of light. 23:44 Turning into light, the Mystery Man seemed surprised that doesn't happen to everyone when they trip. 23:58 Grinny and feeling good. For depression, surrender back to the Clear-White Light to relax and reopen the crown chakara. 00:24 Listening to Moving Pictures. flashing back to that time in life.

MM dosing (about 350mics LSD) at 23:00 synchronized to GW. At about 23:45 started feeling odd. About 00:15 starting to get standard trails for this dose. The intense incredialbe waves of open-streams-of-consciousness begin. 00:35.... Peak time... will enjoy the good medium dose ride.

GW the MM said "All good things in life come to an end so you may as well make the most of it." Seventh circuit seems like a vault of symbols left for posterity. 01:19 Feel grinning and MM just took more (100mics according to e-mail)? We synched with the Mystery Man. 01:35 Really weird, viewing life as a text adventure.

EM (by telephone...) orgasmed while we tripped, she should have announced it, she sort of did. Now the female Goddess energy runs high.

MM Says the pain we experience from laughter reminds us that we are physical beings. Remember the idea of running a gas station with illegal underground tanks. 20,000 just closed, $11,000 fine every day. They made the law ten years ago and it will soon go into effect. If someone had a lot of money they could run an illegal gas station and pay the fine every day just to spite them. Just takes the most balls in the state. They could then run for president and we'd vote for them.

GW GHB acts as a landing pad for a trip. Brings you down nice. GHB feels great with Herb after the LSD. EM rules. How to capture this feeling? The trip also wanted to teach the distinguishment between the little "i" and the big "We" self. The little self chatters away, the big self comes in clearness and stillness, speaking the things you just can't argue with. Also remember EM's little green men. When she talked about Auric colors, the organized busily running elves doing a thousand and one things at once.

MM Really getting into the gas station idea. Coming up with too many wild ideas to keep up with. Guess they are lost to obscurity... maybe to come back as an echo of time. Information non-local and not limited by linear time.... This is the secret of the mystic. The oneness of all and the limitless of thought and spirit. The two mingle and our minds function.

GW The trip wants to teach about folding space or something. The God perceives himself as having brought the universe into existence. The Goddess accepts that the universe brought her into existence. Everything applies to the Mystic.

Many LSD trips lost due to computer and human error.... some might be recovered at later date.

6.6.15 13 Men, 3 Xul, 1 Eb .(1999Jul)

MM and GW finally get to trip together! We dropped close to 200mics. around 22:30 or so. Leaving the Lordess Shiva today felt so sad. Really enjoyed the mushrooms last night. Wish more were here to mix with the LSD.

GW 23:20 It feels very clean. 00:31 MM says one thing he noticed about GW's place, You have to smoke pot inside but cigarettes outside. 01:42

MM It is interesting the differences between the metropolis and the country. The Desert feels much more "open" and free. Less chaotic energy from people. Not as much population density, or population pollution. When going back East it feels like blinders are put on and city oppression weights down the spirit. LSD made this much more noticeable... even though there was some on the plane ride across country. Actually, about 200mics. Taken 100mics at a time about 1.5 hours apart. Interesting flight. Strange layover too. Had to migrate outside to smoke, and then go back through security... all with 3/4 an ounce of marijuana on the person... That in itself is strange, but then to be tripping... and just peaking really good for only a little while... Ha!

MM There is an interesting similarity between being inside the house and outside. Outside feels more free and less cluttered. inside has some oppression... most likely old energy from the house and area. Lots of historical energy-baggage around. Being inside causes a more "tense" expression of reality interaction. Not paranoid, but "tense." Being outside was great, possibly this is due to being able to smoke pot inside, and cigarettes outside... of which you smoke a lot more of while tripping. Smoking marijuana inside helped ease the "tenseness."

GW excitedly told their friend VV, he had figured out the secret to tripping forever and to this day this insight still seems to hold validity. VV said she didn't know.... Imagine a perfected acid high - the third strand activat ed. Imagining that state includes the ability to turn it off at will. This ability generates the compassion to run the system, the LSD high.

MM Telephone conversation takes a strange twist because of the "oppression" of being inside. Much less "testosterone-driven" responses and conversation outside... Inside the "cramped nature" brings aggression and self preservation to the surface. Not used to this in the Desert Southwest. Used to wide open spaces... seeing mountains 180 miles away. Outside it is more open... still stifling, but much preferable. It is not a problem maintaining inside, just that outside... with tobacco is more preferred... although bud must be smoked again very soon.

MM wanted to light a candle. GW warned him to take care when dealing with fire. MM made a classic response: "I am a human, fully versed and computer literate. I can handle fire." One candle lighting the room... the feel of the dark, humid city air. The small bong that spilled in my pocket the other day while at a workshop in up-state New York. Sitting there needing to be filled. The bowl is caked with resin. Wanting a toke. Making sure the bud is clean. Don't want to turn on the light... like the darkness with the candle. Sparking the bong and passing it to GW. Must get stoned. Now must convince GW to drop more LSD. Must take more. Need to see G_d. Must get on a plane in 9 hours and fly across the country. The last remaining hours in a big Eastern metropolis are an acid rush of future memories.

GW 02:43 Can't believe "we" just dropped the rest. The self-referencing. Note: don't eat intrasound clay powder while tripping. 03:26 Really starting to hit.

MM This added 150mics or more should really add a punch to this. Will be an interesting after-glow flight home... wonder if sleep will come tonight or not. At this rate no chance. Got to catch a plane tomorrow... or well, this morning now.....

6.6.16 1 Cib, 4 Xul, 1 Eb .(1999Jul)

Trip report continued from previous calendar date....

GW: Every object has its own story of associations. Immortalists live in that ecstasy - surrendering and not caring about living or dying, life and death, peaceful in what would happen. Things go in phases. Thinking in the phases whether than in a linear progression. This referred to us going outside and coming inside we had an outdoor an indoor phase, each with distinguished characteristics, as VV noted. This trip seemed almost archetypal in a way.

MM Being off the phone is good. Really hectic trying to get two on the line at the same time talking to VV. LSD being very abstract in its presentation of tonight's lesson. Remembering back to last weekend and comparing the quality of this to the pure LSD 25 that was had.... However, it was joyously mixed with a good dose of mescaline (actually the other way around) ... this all the evening after taking the mushrooms and ALD-52. Then the 5MeO DMT... all that bud too. This lesson was going to leave a valuable reference in the future. The LSD opened the "self' up to the effects of the high population density... it is helping to bring understanding on where best the "self" will function geographically.

MM Oh my, still going good. Must catch a flight in about 6 hours. Wow. Wonder if it will be possible to sleep in another 2 hours or so. Tomorrow must get a pack of smokes for the trip back. The time is off... somehow compressed and twisted. Physical objects vortexing into oblivion... which is simply a chaotic state. This is the effect of what "we" perceive as time. Objects are the "form" that the crossing currents of "universal waves" meet and interact. Each simply a frequency oscillating at a specific speed or frequency. This gives rise to the physical "effects" that are "perceived" as the characteristics of solids, liquids, gases, and plasma.

MM The sunrise is quiet. Still. Hearing the city come to life slowly. The city is so different than the desert. Sunlight explodes through the many tall trees. Birds chirp and cars start. Is this the car-pool lane mister? Well, no my child. Would you like some candy little girl? Need to sleep in another hour or so.... or at least attempt too. Still going. Must smoke more pot.

MM Must try to sleep... must catch plane in 4 hours. Again the LSD adds to a never forgettable trip... in more ways than one. Must smoke pot... must smoke enough to allow sleep. If that is possible. Will give it a shot.... Now will lay down..... probably last entry for this trip by MM. It has been real, and fun... and definitely real fun.

6.12.3 4 Akbal, 11 Zac, 1 Eb (03Nov1999)

LSA Trip report.....

Testing HBWR

Feeling  little something.  Been an hour already.  Still not much.  Dum de
dum de dum dum......  Slowly over the next hour the feeling grows.  Very

The LSA from HBWR is, in my opinion, the closest experience to pure LSD-25
that there is out there.  Totally different from the Mind-fuck acid that is
out there, just like LSD is.

My first thought was "This blows that mind-fuck acid away.  This is the
absolute closest thing to pure LSD you will ever get unless you know a cool
chemist with a good lab, or go learn yourself and buy a good lab.  I can't
REALLY tell a difference between them that much at all.  I will never take
any LSD again unless I am absolutely positive it is pure."

Total sobriety and no "speeding."  Colors clearly visible, and minor wall
"runnings" and pattern "shifting."  Not a hard trip at all, but very
enjoyable.  I would agree, if you state that 200ug of LSD is the fully
hallucinogenic dose, the 5 HBWR I ingested (6pm) was really close to 100ug
or so.  I agree that each seed is equal to 25ug of LSD.

learned something else....  you don't have to remove all the shell, but just
take a pocket knife and scrape all the "dark-brown" stuff off until the seed
is completely a creme color.  Tedious, but not that bad.

Based on this experience, I would project that 8 seeds would be a good trip,
and 10-12 would be a rock and roll trip... and 14-16 would be intense as
hell, but possibility of alkaloid effects.  not sure about hat.  Any ideas?

I would make the comparison between HBWR and Morning Glory, the same as I
would ALD-52, and LSD-25.  The HBWR was much less somatically intoxicating
and not speedy.

The trip lasted a good 6 hours before I munched 3 more seeds (midnight).  I
was finally came down around 7:30 or 8AM.  After effects unnoticeable-mild
(unless when first stoned), lasted until bed last night 10:30pm.  Takes a
good 2 hours to start the peak.  Grinding them up (the seeds after scraping)
will increase the rate of absorption and amount.  It would be the preferred

end of report.

.....More entries Soon to come....... Check back often..........


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