Solar Day Glyph Qualities

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Imix Alligator East Protective and dominating
Ik Wind North Agile, clever and multifaceted
Akbal House West Deep, thoughtful and conservative
Kan Lizard South Active, dynamic and sexual
Chicchan Serpent East Powerful and charismatic
Cimi Death North Sacrificing and helpful
Manik Deer West Cooperative and nomadic
Lamat Rabbit South Clever and playful
Muluc Water East Emotional and imaginative
Oc Dog North Loyal and helpful
Chuen Monkey West Clever and demonstrative
Eb Grass South Careful and useful
Ben Reed East Knowledgeable and cruisading
Ix Ocelot North Intelligent and secretive
Men Eagle West Free and independent
Cib Vulture South Authoritative and wise
Caban Earthquake East Intellectual but practical
Etznab Knife North Self-sufficient but romantic
Cauac Rain West Helpful and healing
Ahau Flower South Loving and artistic


Imix, Chicchan, Muluc, Ben, Caban
East - Emerging Self

Ik, Cimi, Oc, Ix, Etznab
Solar Plexus
North - Challenging and Requires Knowledge

Akbal, Manik, Chuen, Men, Cauac
West - Encounter and Relationship

Kan, Lamat, Eb, Cib, Ahau
South - Emotional and Volatile


These qualities are from the documentation for the Aztec software program of Bruce Scofield and I have found them to be very accurate.

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