The Time Pulse as a Manifestation Tool

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Thanks to Skywa Moon for allowing this page from her printed calendar to be reproduced here.

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Many of us have interesting stories about using a time pulse as a manifestation tool. The first day of a time pulse is the command pattern of the 13 day cycle. On the first day, we establish a goal or a foundation on which the extension of this theme will be built. You may consider using a time pulse conductive to your theme. As you work with a time pulse, your subconscious becomes entrained to the pattern of the time pulse, thereby merging the goal with the existent time pulse. Each time pules adventure/project has an initiation, a continuation and a completion. If you are using the time pulse as a manifestation tool, you are encouraged to use consecutive time pulses if needed.

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Guide to using the energies of the 13-day cycle.

Days 1 - 4:  Internal energies that are for/against movement and change are named and begin to interact. Polarities are established (I am here and I want to become this).

Days 5 - 8:  Connection to the universal self is re-established. Integrate, acknowledge and internalize universal energies and creative forces. Still largely unseen, the energies are now moving towards manifestation in this galaxy.

Days 12 - 13:  The changes are acknowledged and insights shared. You begin to plan for the new cycle.

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Day 1 : Align your goal with the theme of the current time pulse.

Day 2:  What are the challenges? Identify old dysfunctional patterns and release.

Day 3:  Steward your goal. Align with a sense of purpose to the greater good. Explore alternatives to old beliefs.

Day 4:  Old limitations and new perspectives interact and begin to define the form of the change.

Day 5:  Bring it on! Embrace change and be willing to do whatever is required to manifest this change.

Day 6:  The intent established in days 1 - 5 begins to move forward from your core.

Day 7:  The merging of the new pattern with universal acknowledgment.

Day 8:  Integrity check. Do you believe in what you are attempting to manifest? Our goal is beginning to manifest in this dimension. The energy is moving forward.

Day 9:  Energy is set in motion in formalizing the goal. We are assured of our commitment through pulsing our intention.

Day 10:  The true identity of our challenge meets with the goal. A foundation is established.

Day 11:  Our commitment assured manifestation through all time frames, levels, locations, spaces and dimensions.

Day 12:  Acknowledge and honor how far you have come. Communicate your insights. Prepare for the next cycle.

Day 13:  Knowledge is integrated as the energy changes and we feel the pull of the next cycle.

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