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Mayan Oracle Interpretation
Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner

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I am Akbal
        enveloping darkness, potent peace,
        fecundity of the Abyss;
Deep, silent retreat,
        the womb of the dreamtime,
        the powerful cauldron of possibility
Dream matrix were reality is created
        by the conscious dreamers,
Place of remembrance of the formless,
        sounding the Great Mystery of being in form --
The "stillness that is
        the dancing."
I beckon you to merge with me,
        to go within;
To free your illusions
        of pain,
        forgetting --
That the gifts of release,
        the glimmer of light at the tunnel's end,
        might be yours;
That the expansive vessel of the Essence Self
        might be raised to your eager lips
        and your reunion tenderly celebrated
        in the sanctuary of my warmth,
        my darkness,
        my peace.
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These transformational insights are from The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars, by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner. Ariel has kindly given me permission to share them with you here. These poems are approximately 30 pages of a 313 page book and card set - In other words, the book is packed with insightful wisdom. Expand your personal relationship with the Mayan archetypes; please visit them at their web site where you can obtain your own personal signed copy. In the book Ariel acknowledges Aurora (Cinda Seaton) for her contribution in these poetry sections. Thank you Ariel, Michael, Aurora and all others who contributed.

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