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Mayan Oracle Interpretation
Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner

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I am Ik, Spirit's fire, breath of life, Apollo's lyre!
Spark ablaze in cherished flight,
         all I touch I do ignite,
I am knowing, Spirit flowing,
         fire filling form with light!
I am the brilliant, crystalline core.
As cosmic breath I dance and soar,
         life's essence infusing time and space,
         arousing creation with tender grace.
Revelation of the Beloved's face
         mystic reunion divine!
As I billow into Divine Mother's silken sails,
         we fill the spiral dance with forms unveiled
         that awaken the dazzling light upon the face of creation.
All do I arouse upon the shimmering crest
         of my graceful descent.
Breathe deeply of the pervasive Presence,
         feel its exhilaration.
I ignite the circuitry of your potential.
I mirror the potency of your presence,
         the completion of your polarity.
I am the frequency of unseen forces through which,
         in this moment, reality courses.
Hear me laughing as wind through the trees,
See me moving mighty ocean waves in rapturous vortices.
All I touch, I stir into celebration
          in honor of Spiritus, divine elevation!
As galactic solar wind,
          I am knowing, danced as the One.
Power purifying, I arise;
           I am inspiration as it flies!
Let me lift you, free you, fill you.
I carry the very breath of heaven upon my windy wings,
           enfolding you with the sweetest song simplicity can sing!



These transformational insights are from The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars, by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner. Ariel has kindly given me permission to share them with you here. These poems are approximately 30 pages of a 313 page book and card set - In other words, the book is packed with insightful wisdom. Expand your personal relationship with the Mayan archetypes; please visit them at their web site where you can obtain your own personal signed copy. In the book Ariel acknowledges Aurora (Cinda Seaton) for her contribution in these poetry sections. Thank you Ariel, Michael, Aurora and all others who contributed.

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