Poetry From The Warped Mind of Robert


The Experience 

soft color grows,
the darkness lightens,
motion is blurred,
vision is steadied,

mixing thoughts,
expand to delusion,
rushing waves,
of reality flash,

into that state,
where reality quakes,
driven beyond,
by St. Peter's bitter drink,

the mists descend,
the night somehow light,
colors take their stand,
dissolving into being,

boundaries of self lost,
unaware of the frost,
cartoon land,
nothing is bland,

visions creeping,
not so softly,
a gentle ride,
soft, mellow, and kind,

the spirit of the Earth,
softly now speaks,
there are two states in life,
order and disorder,

neither is better,
neither is bad,
balance is the mediator,
and is the mushroom or man,

each element has,
its own sacred brew,
master them all,
and your self too.




Stoned Lacerations.

a shudder from inside,
warmth whirling up,

O if the world were safe,
said the man with no son,
dark eyes drafted,

O if the world were love,
muttered the fawn,
as the hammer takes a plunge,

O if the world were holy,
cry the lilies of the field,
as the cross pierces the earth,

itís a world away,
stoned lacerations.


Scratch Scratch

 Scratch scratch,
nothing but fear,
scratch scratch,
no one to hear,

 scratch scratch,
oh the pain,
scratch scratch,
am I insane,

 scratch scratch,
splinters and blood,
scratch scratch,
weaker and lost,

can't keep it up,
God can't give up,

blackness growing,
air becoming heavy,
finally knowing,

I wont get out,
buried alive,

    -R.S. Herring


To Mom with love:

      Blue light coming,      

fright is gone,
blackness fading,
the two are one,

 a different time,
would be the same,
a different world,
what is a name,

 passion flows,
as a stream,
conscious meaning,
beyond the dream,

 reality exploding,
joining in,
happiness ending,
hell begins,

 no words to say,
thoughts a miss,
all that is yearned,
is a gentle kiss,

the beasts of night,
did take away,
the physical expression,
of his spiritual play,

 all seems lost,
nothing gained,
not able to ease,
that awful pain,

the beasts were trapped,
their game is done,
up on trial,
you feel real numb,

 the only way,
to work this out,
is to have your day,
your feelings to shout,

remember the One,    

you love who fell,
who the last time seen,
you could never tell,

hears your voice,
is not in pain,
love is alive,
in your heart the same.

-R.S. Herring



Our Cry

 Listen up.
and listen good,
they never do,
what they should,

we pay our taxes,
like little drones,
their laughing wildly,
as we moan,

our voices growing,
joining the chorus,
perceiving the crime,
that lies before us,

revolution urging,
populace purging,
we know what happens,
in chambers abhorring,

politicians in fear,
about to die,
lets join together,
they will hear our cry.

      -R.S. Herring



Journey of Life

Life at times end,
sweeping across space,
experiencing existence,
yearning for the place,

 the hammer of Thor,
thunders loud,
all that is shakes,
fate comes as a cloud,

the vacuum of darkness,
comes rushing in,
beckoning the end,
hellish fire now begins,

 sorrow soars,
on the wings of bats,
blood-red skies weep,
evil stalking as a cat,

 pain rains down,
flooding what is left,
all there is melts away,
horror of the soul felt,

 alone in the void,
the executioner awaits,
yearning to burn eternity,
upon a steak,

 the spider of time,
begins a new web,
creation starts a new,
flying as a kerub,

 the cycle is complete,
the journey is again,
life is searching,
for times end,

 the executioner and spider,
smile completely insane,
for you see,
they are the same.

  -R. S. Herring


 The Secret of A Dying Man

 Waiting for death,
the noose is tight,
condemned for murder,
I die tonight,

the old tree stump.
I'm standing on,
is knocked away,
now it's gone,

with ungodly luck,
the rope does break,
escaping to home,
tracks I make,

coming closer to home,
I jump the fence,
hearing my child,
seeing my wife hence,

 getting closer,
I smell her perfume,
reaching out to touch,
in the light of the moon,

as we touch,
I feel a tug,
my neck is sore,
and my grave is dug,

now I know,
the secret of a dying man.

    -R.S.  Herring


 Black Widow

 I want to fuck,
said the beautiful woman,
as the male drooled,
getting stiff as a man,

pleasure throbbing,
juices melding,
smiles exploding,
the presence of knowing,

they went for broke,
until the morning sun,
really getting off,
they both were done,

after the cumming,
a smoke aflame,
smoke winding,
sorta insane,

the black widow,
strikes in pain,
the poor male struggles,
but all in vain,

escaping with ease,
free again,
on the loose,
looking for men.

     -R.S. Herring



gravy sucking pig,
die in pain,
rape the sane,
suck my vein,

taste my bile,
smell my ass,
suck my cock,
it's black mass,

hail the one,
who has made,
you cum,
feel his blade,

 enter the heart,
no questions,
you bastard,
join the legions,

take what's not yours,
who gives a damn,
not me,
fuck uncle Sam,

 wish you were dead,
I'll join you,
give me head,
if not I'll sue,

give me the chance,
and I'll rape the dead,
give me a chance,
I'll get into your head,

 how do you like it,
it's a way of life,
tasting the evil,
taking a life,

 so nice to know you,
thanks for nothing,
be cool to kill you,
welcome to something,

 tired of looking,
at your face,
guess I'll rid you,
of this place,


      -R.S. Herring   

(note: this was a joke to a friend)


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