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Delta 9 - tetrahydrocannabinol :

Pic of THC Molecule

Approximate dosages for dry, smoked, high potency cannabis (no tolerance):

High Potency Smoked Cannabis Dosages (Using Water Bong)
Light 1/20th gram
Medium 2/20th gram
High 3/20th gram
High Potency Smoked Cannabis Dosages (Using Joint or Pipe)
Light 2/20th gram
Medium 3/20th gram
High 4/20th gram

NOTE: There are considerable potency differences among Cannibis varieties.

Cannabis dosage is fairly easy to manage. A good method for determining your dose is to smoke a small amount (1-2 "hits"), wait 5-15 minutes, repeat as desired. A single intake of smoke from a pipe, water pipe, or joint is generally called a hit. An average size hit from a pipe or water pipe weighs somewhere on the order of 1/20th of a gram. With reasonably high potency Cannabis buds, a small number of hits (1-3) is generally enough. The lower the potency the more hits people will need to achieve the desired effects. Generally, brown leafy cannabis is not as strong as green, gold, purple sticky buds. ~~~ Erowid

Additional Note: Tolerance effects the dosage requirements significantly.

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WARNING: Do not use any substance if there is a history or the potential of mental or physical illness unless it has been shown to improve your condition or attitude. Do not use substances if you are on psychotropic pharmaceuticals or other types of drugs until you have researched possible interactions.


This page is not advocating the use of any particular substance. Chemical use should be an individual decision made after much research and thought. To deny people the ability to explore their religion and take their sacraments is horrible. For this reason, an honest source of information is required. There are many dangers in all things in life and this is not any different. This information is provided as a public service to educate. It is built on experience, research and submissions.