Starseed's Corner
Omeron has a lucky calico cat named Starseed. She has the cutest web page on the net! She loves making new human friends, as long as they know how to chill.
Salt Lamps
I love these things so much, that I set up an affiliate site. Check out this completely natural way to safely ionize and energize your environment. They also sell other great salt products, including the best salt in all the Shire. Plus, the woman who runs the main site reminds me of the Lady Galadriel!
The Entheo-Breath
Read a cool meditation technique that really works. I wrote this some time ago, and will update it in due time.
The Principia Discordia
Hail Eris! All hail Discordia! Read for yourself the sacred manuscript of the Discordians. The Goddess prevails. For more Discordian chaos, check out THe 23 Apples of Eris, as well as your own pineal gland.
A Sonnet to Eris
After astronomers renamed the largest and most contraversial dwarf planet Eris, I felt so inspired that I wrote this sonnet, both to the planet and to the Goddess.
The Song of Wandering Aengus
William Butler Yeats, it would seem, had his own encounter with GOddess. Read and hear it for yourself! It will amaze you.
Read this amazing poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien for C.S. Lewis, regarding the value of myth and religion. Tolkien considered himself a devout Roman Catholic, and his conversations with C.S. Lewis finally convinced him to convert to Christianity, becoming one of the most recognized Christian authors of our day. Tell that to those who, out of ignorance, claim that LoTR has an evil alignment.
Play the best computer game ever made! Honestly. In Nethack, you play an adventurer in a multi-level dungeon brimming with weird creatures and magical items. Warning: Very Addictive!
Vim - Vi Improved, rules. Once you use Vim, you will neve go back... You do have to read the documentation from page one to use it. Feel the Power!
The Linux Slackware Distribution
The Goddess Eris Kallisti Discordia Herself has approved Slackware as a DOS (Discordian Operating System.) Get Slack!
In 1993 and 1994, I wrote a game for bulletinboard systems called Barneysplat! It started as a joke, and became insanely popular. It provided lots of highschool fun.
Get down with the Perl Monks
Perl also has a Discordian flare, or perhaps the flare of a lighter, but anyways $_ has it! After all, what other language would remind us to have the appropriate amount of fun?
Have a PHP Phreakout!
PHP kicks ass, and i just started learning it. No doubt you will soon see some of its handywork.
Forth probably represents the most Discordian of languages, in this author's opinion. You can do anything, just like when working with clay. Unfortunately, you may have to reinvent the wheel in the process.
Esperanto, the neutral international language, takes one fourth the time to learn than natural languages. It has a green star for its symbol. It aims to provide an auxiliary language, one of those good ideas that will probably never realistically catch on. This link goes to ELNA, the Esperanto League for North America, but Esperanto leagues exist all over the world. You may also want to check
The Pope and September Eleventh
This article suggests a correlation between September Eleventh and the death of Pope John Paul II, and uses this to speculate a date of future spiritual terrorism.
A Bonehead Biography
Andy of sells a type of energy device, invented by Don Croft, called a Succor Punch. Recently, he began selling one type of succor punch using a crystal skull, which he calls Bonehead. This article explains some about the Crystal Skulls, and gives a comparison of the succor punch type devices, with emphasis on Bonehead and how it compares to an actual Skull.